Holistic  Family  Wellness with Acumom Yaelle E. Shaphir, L.Ac
Holistic Family Wellness
Holistic Family Wellness for every stage of life.
Pediatric Acupuncture 

T.C.M. (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Pediatrics is a "must have" for parents wanting optimal health & wellness for their children. Acupuncture does not have to be scary (yes that is my 5 year old in the picture over with the "cat whiskers" - (Acu point: L.I.20 to open up the nasal passages).

I am a strong proponent of combining Conventional Western Medicine with Traditional Chinese Medicine for optimal wellness and health of babies/children/adolescents/teens.

T.C.M. is the first line of defense in my household and many of my client's families due to its efficacy. Acupuncture/Acupressure, NAET, BRT, Herbal Therapy, cupping, moxibustion, tui na - boosts the immune system to prevent illness, to shorten the duration, to reduce the severity of symptoms

(Is your kid still coughing even though the cold/flu passed a week ago? two weeks ago? three? geez - call me already! (
310) 666-4983.

Acupuncture is safe and effective for infants, toddlers and small children - it is relatively painless and the children that are treated in the office are proof that the needles
do not hurt and the results are real and lasting. Babies cannot "play mind games" or feel "placebo" effects. 

Some of the more common Pediatric Complaints are:
Fevers, Congestion, Chronic/Acute Coughs, EarAche, Weight gain/Obesity, Rashes, Tummy Aches, Allergies (food/environmental sensitivities), Anxiety/Moodiness/Phobias, Difficult Sleep (Insomnia, Bed-Wetting, Night terrors/Nightmares), Thrush/Yeast Infections, Lack of Appetite/Excessive Appetite, Acne, Sore Throats/Tonsillitis, Colds/Flu.

I am very child friendly and have acupuncture and needle-free treatments for kids. My daughters have enjoyed healing & wellness with acupuncture, chinese herbs,  & T.C.M. from birth through adolescence.
Let me share my knowledge and experience with you and your family!

Safe and Effective for Infants, Toddlers and Small Children

Women's Health
Maiden-Mother-Crone - Sisters-Aunties-Mothers-Daughters! 
If you belong to this Tribe - know that T.C.M. (traditional Chinese medicine) is a wonderful ally in your Health & Well-Being!

Women's Health
 is immensely benefited with the utilization of T.C.M.
From Birth through Adolescence , into Puberty and through the Teens, into Young Adulthood, and
Through Prenatal, Pregnancy, Postnatal, Childbirth and on into Perimenopause and through Menopause and Beyond! Acumom offers knowledge and guidance through all the stages of  Womynkind! Using Acupuncture and Herbal Therapy, Yaelle will help you
 to navigate the Female life cycles with Grace, Gratitude, Appreciation, Honor, and Sacredness.

Menstrual Disorders (PMS, breast distention, mood, cramping, irregular periods, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, cysts/fibroids, endometriosis, Fertility, Pren-Natal/Post-Natal Conditions, Perimenopause/Menopausal symptoms - hot flashes, anxiety, insomnia, mood disorders, fatigue. Immune enhancement, Mind/Body imbalances - TCM is here to support your health and wellness!

Men's Health
Boys to Men! Fathers-Sons-Uncles T.C.M (Traditional Chinese Medicine) - acupuncture and herbs - are your ally for optimal wellness & health, physically, mentally, and emotionally!

T.C.M. is an effective medicine for many conditions/symptoms/ailments/dis-ease associated with Men's Health. Not always a comfortable or easy topic to talk about - but extremely important is prostate health. Prostitis, virility issues (low sperm count), E.D. (erectile disfunction), tinnitus (ear ringing), high blood pressure/cholestrol, weight gain, acne, skin disorders - allergies, eczema; insomnia, anxiety, night sweats are all symptoms/syndromes which are effectively treated with  herbal therapy and acupuncture.

Additionally, sports related injuries, pain syndromes (back, neck, knee, joints, ligaments/tendons) are benefited utilizing T.C.M. (traditional Chinese Medicine).

Be Well With Yaelle!
Wishing your and your family - joy, health, and laughter...
(310) 666-4983.
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